United States

In 1996, California became the first U.S. state to legalize the use of cannabis to treat, although the federal laws of any therapeutic use are strictly refused and still restricted. Even so, over the next seventeen years, a similar step gradued elsewhere, 20 other states across America decided for access and currently at the legislative level about a dozen others in some form of access for cannabis patients. The general view of society and public opinion in the last ten years turns clearly on the side of legalizing medical use – according to extensive research to support access to cannabis for the treatment of more than three-quarters of all Americans. The results of the last two years even show that more than half of the population (for the first time in the history of monitoring public opinion) not only supports medical use, but also a comprehensive legalization of recreational use. Why is this so? One of the main reasons is the fact that people in the States with the enactment of treatment may see with their own eyes how much cannabis helps the sick. At the same time almost daily a a new study is published that extolls the potential of cannabis in the treatment of a long series of health problems, confirms and refutes the overwhelming majority of untruths about the alleged harmful effects of this medicinal plant.


Israel since 1993 has issued approximately 14,000 licenses for medical cannabis patients. All of those licenses have been issued in accordance with the Regulation on dangerous drugs, which allows the use of “dangerous drugs” for medical purposes, and distribution of our hemp was carried out under the auspices of the local Ministry of Health (MoH) or persons with the authorization of the Ministry of Health. Since 2009, increased regulation due to a significant increase in the current with approximately 150 new licenses per month. In response to this increase the MoH established a supervisory body for the regulation of therapeutic cannabis. In response to the significant increase in the Distribution Center cannabis treatment (MECHKAR, which in Hebrew means research) has established a distribution center. Under this model was a center of instruction that patients become familiar with the daily reality of cannabis.

Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain

Cannabis Social Clubs or Cannabis social clubs are noncommercial organizations of users who collectively cultivate and distribute such quantities of cannabis, which are sufficient to cover their personal needs without having to turn to the black market. They are based on the fact that illicit drug use was under Spanish law never punished. With this vaguely defined area, there are already a number of years of private clubs that produce cannabis for non-profit distribution solely between group closed its adult members. CSCs appeared for the first time in 2002 and has since allowed several thousands of people to stop financing the black market and get a guarantee of quality and origin of what they use, while also creating jobs and tax revenue. And all this took place without the need to withdraw from the existing UN agreements on narcotics.